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I am in wonderland.

My name is Saki Adachi, and I am a professional freelance photographer and entrepreneur from Japan.  
I specialize in art, still life, landscape and portrait photography.  
My goal is to apply my skills and training as a photographer to show people the beauty that exists everywhere in life.

Nothing brings me more joy than to capture the most interesting, beautiful and breathtaking images from across our planet.  
I truly hope that you enjoy my work and vision.  

Please contact me to discuss what we can create together!




2005 -- 2009 MFA in Glassworks, Faculty of Art and Design,Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan 

2009 -- 2012 Sales representative for a jewelry company

2013 -- 2016 transfer the activity base on Ireland and travel around Europe

2016 Established "studio ADACHI" 

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